Casa di Cura “Villa Immacolata”​


Booking Office on site

The relevant offices handle the procedures required for user admission and the management of documentation related to each hospital stay and/or service. Additionally, they provide assistance for handling administrative procedures with local authorities.


Great attention is given to hospitality standards.

Religious services

The Chaplain is always present on-site and ensures Religious Assistance. Within the Day Center, there is a beautiful church with modern architecture where daily Mass is celebrated, and liturgical celebrations are held throughout the year. For patients of non-Catholic faiths, the Chaplain takes responsibility for providing suitable assistance to all patients, and, if requested, works with the Clinical Director o make arrangements with representatives of other religions.

Social Work

The facility employs social workers who operate according to the specific principles, knowledge, and methods of the profession. They provide advice, assistance, and support to patients and their caregivers to prevent and/or resolve situations of need. This includes guidance for accessing internal facility services and community-based services.

Diagnostic Imaging

Free Time

In the inpatient wards, common areas are equipped with TVs. In the Day Center, televisions are placed in all lounges.
Recreational events for the residents are organized periodically. All initiatives are communicated through the display of posters within the facility.

For international patients

The clinic can provide assistance to international patients who aren't able to speak Italian.

Funeral Services

In the event of the user's passing, the body is made available to the family in the facility's chapel until the intervention of the Funeral Services Company, the choice of which is the responsibility of the family

Elevators and routes

The facility has signage in place to assist users and their families in reaching the wards/services.

Coffee Shop

Car Parking

Contacts and information

Contact Center
+39 0761 29251

Capranica Outpatient Clinic
+39 0761 669187

All Numbers

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