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Our Geriatrics Clinic top quality consultations and treatments for the

Our Geriatrics Clinic provides top quality consultations and treatments for the elder

Our services:

  • Geriatric Consultation
  • Geriatric Evaluation
  • Geriatric Home Visit

Geriatric Consultation

The geriatric visit is the first encounter between doctor and patient during which the Specialist carries out a cognitive interview and a series of assessments and identifies the care path aimed at maintaining the patient's self-sufficiency for as long as possible.

A fundamental element of the first visit is the objective examination of the patient during which the specialist will detect the clinical signs of illness which will lead them to formulate a diagnosis, prescribe an adequate pharmacological therapy and recommend the right hygiene and health standards.

The specialist checks the general state of health and evaluates the general response to individual stimuli, both physical and intellectual. During the visit the doctor may use some tests to check the patient's memory, cognitive capacity, environmental and relational abilities

Geriatric Evaluation

Sometimes health conditions and cognitive disorders can cause disabilities and general deterioration resulting in difficulties in following medical therapies and is cause of stress between family and the relatives which often can take full-time care of the elder.

The Geriatrician's aim is to delay as much as possible the functional and mental downfall of the patient preserving autosufficiency and a dignified life quality. The Geriatrician is often presented with multiple health conditions which would require the intervention of numerous specialists; we can compare the Geriatrician to an "Orchestra Director" as they are able to identify and treat all sorts of pathologies, with special dedication to problems strictly connected to ageing.

A Geriatric Evaluation aims to identify areas with higher need of intervention (insomnia, depression, memory deficit, language and attention deficit, behaviour disorders, reduced mobility, cachexia) and improve the elder's life quality. The Geriatrician usually has a multidisciplinary approach in providing care and treatments for the elder as well as their family, which is always involved in order to provide valid medical, social and emotional support to the patient. 

Why choose us?

Our specialists are highly experienced in the treatment of complex conditions and will provide personalised treatment

Accessing our services

All tests and consultations can be booked by contacting our Booking Team

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Alternatively, appointments can be booked in person by visiting the Booking Office on site.
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